Our vision is to create a long lasting impact on the way we test and demonstrate new technology and solutions for the mining industry. With a selected consortium ranging from mining companies, equipment and system suppliers to top-class universities, the SIMS project will boost development and innovation through joint activities aiming at creating Sustainable Intelligent Mining Systems.


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The Swedish king Carl XVI Gustaf really seems to enjoy the SIMS VR environment and what we try to achive in our project. Quite a lot of laughs and of course good discussions.

5G in mining

The SIMS project partners Boliden and Ericsson together with Telia have deployed the world’s first 5G network using New Radio (NR) in an operational underground mine – the Boliden Kankberg mine.

Remote Charger

ABB and Boliden have conducted the first tests with their Robotic Remote Charger, to aid with explosives charging at the face. 

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Watch the SIMS Movie for full project details. 

We will achieve our objectives through a number of work packages and demonstrations split between Industry leaders, innovative Universities and technology leading underground Mining partners.

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Demonstration Locations

Successful demonstrations of each technology are key points in the SIMS project.

Project start date

Tuesday May 2nd 2017

Project Total Budget

million euro

Project length