Communication and Positioning


This WP demonstrates state-of-the-art communication and positioning technology, for use in a mining environment. A versatile, integrated, and highly adaptable network will support communication needs and a variety of techniques will support positioning needs, for all use cases and applications throughout the demonstration mine. Use cases that the communication and positioning should support include real-time people interactions, safety, collection and transmission of sensor and process data, process control, remote operation of machines/vehicles/robots, monitoring, collecting position/location data, other Internet of Things (IoT) machine-type communication, etc.

Tomas Jönsson

Tomas Jönsson

Senior Researcher Radio networks, Ericsson

Working together in projects like SIMS, with representatives from all parts of the mining eco-system and from leading academia, gives us unique opportunities to meet and learn from each other. This way we can jointly understand the bigger picture, and together create results that take a leap forward towards digitalized mining.

Image to the left: Data Transfer Demonstration using multiple cameras.

A foundation for digitalized, intelligent industry


Communication and positioning are essential parts of a digitalized, intelligent industry. Having real-time information about anything, anywhere available everywhere at all times takes knowledge and control of industry processes to the next level.
For digitalized mining to become reality, we need reliable, robust communication that can support the requirements of the next generation use-cases like connected sensors, remote-controlled machines, and support for a mix of very different service types in one, versatile network.
It’s also an important part of the picture to make information available in ways that are simple and convenient enough to be truly useful.